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The UMH is a material handling vehicle able to receive materials from either MFS+ or MFS and distribute material via a series of conveyors.


The conveyor system consists of a collector belt, a swivelling conveyor, a mid-mounted chute delivery system and two ballasting belts arranged beneath the frame on both sides of the vehicle. The UMH can also distribute materials to other machines, open wagons or directly onto the infrastructure.

Top Conveyor

Unload materials into the excavated areas from the adjacent line, bulk distribution of material for bank slips and retaining wall backfill, transfer of material into wagons on the adjacent line.

  • A Maximum distribution rate of 400m³/hr
  • A maximum slew of 90° left or right
  • A Distribution distance of 7m

Lower Conveyor

Accurate placement of materials for top stone, bottom stone and drainage backfill

  • A Maximum distribution rate of 200m³/hr
  • A maximum slew of 65° left or right
  • A Distribution distance of 7m


With the lower conveyor is in the central position, ballast can be directed to the ballast box’s which distributes ballast either side of each rail simultaneously for top stone distribution. 
Bulk material from multiple MFS wagons can be discharged onto the collecting belt of the UMH and distributed through the three systems, depending on the required application.

All Machines are fitted with their own dust suppressions systems.

For further information, please e-mail: enquiries@rsrg.com