Survey Services

Topographical Surveying & Reality capture

At Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, we have always attached great importance to high quality, suitable surveying at the start and throughout a project, encompassing Topographical Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Static and Dynamic Scanning and Monitoring Solutions.

Survey Services

Surveying is an integral part of every project, supporting the design, constructability and construction stages. The direct data flow between a centrally stored digital plan and field surveying equipment is now standard on our projects. Our surveying equipment is easy to operate and can record more and more data, even using drone images, laser scanners and satellite navigation (GNSS).
When it comes to travelling quickly and comfortably via rail, it is absolutely essential that rails are positioned with the utmost accuracy, right down to the last millimetre, regardless of whether the tracks are ballast or slab.

What we can do for you

Here at Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, we know all about modern surveying systems and the application of the latest technology. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, complimented by expert surveying teams. This enables us to:

  • Undertake comprehensive topographical surveys
  • Create video inspections and aerial images using drones
  • Generate accurate and dense point clouds from laser scan data and aerial photos
  • Follow construction site progress 24/7
  • Calculate digital objects and measurment data from the digital images
  • Define and control geometries required for construction and renewal efficiently in the field
  • Precise track alignment of slab tracks
  • Precise recording for tracks before, during and after tamping work


For further information, please e-mail: enquiries@rsrg.com