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Slab Track Renovation

The ever increasing demand placed upon infrastructure requires proactive maintenance and strategic interventions to retain optimal performance.

Slab Track Renovation

Older cast in situ and direct fix slab systems require regular interventions to ensure the immediate and long-term stability of the infrastructure, however, this can also be similar for more recent systems if the appropriate solution has not been adopted and/or the installation had issues.​

We specialise in infrastructure survey and assessment to determine the underlying problems. We will then develop bespoke solutions to allow single point, large scale repair or replacement. The process of renewing long lengths of slab track or the conversion of ballasted track into slab track is well developed. ​

We are able to develop end to end solutions that allow this type of work to be completed within short possession lengths with minimal disruption to the operation of the railway.​

What we can do for you

Not every slab system is suitable for every project or circumstance. That is why here at RS we offer support to our clients during the system optioneering phase. Our competencies are:

  • Supporting transport operators and planners with regard to system decisions
  • Design
  • Developing system-independent track alignment systems for slab tracks
  • Advice on project-specific material and installation logistics for slab tracks
  • Installing sleeper, panel, and direct fastening systems
  • "IVES" ballast to slab conversion, particularly through station platforms, tunnels, depots and bridges

For further information, please e-mail: enquiries@rsrg.com