Rhomberg Sersa UK_Switch & Crossing Life Extension & Refurbishment

Switch & Crossing Life Extension & Refurbishment

Track renovation system to tackle the specific problem of timber deterioration in and surrounding the chair screw while allowing the track to be returned to geometrical and construction standards.

Screw Hole Renovation SLS®

For infrastructure that consists of timer sleepers / bearers, the integrity of the timber and subsequent baseplate to timber interface is a key element of the track stability. Deterioration of the timber surrounding the screws allows elongation to occur. Elongation of the screw hole is the catalyst for system failure. The application of the SLS will reverse, stabilise and protect the infrastructure against further deterioration.

What we can do for you

  • Recover the screw hole integrity
  • Recover the base plate to sleeper interface
  • Correct the gauge
  • Correct the Cant / Super elevation
  • Correct the Horizontal Alignment
  • Return track to construction standards
  • Life extends timber use
  • Reduce whole life costs while averting premature renewal
  • Full geometry change over long bearers without the need for tamping
  • Suitable for both S&C and Plain Line

For further information, please e-mail: enquiries@rsrg.com