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Rhomberg Sersa UK_Machine System

Machine System

A unique and innovative system capable of delivering a number of solutions either singularly or in combination with other machines.

Rhomberg Sersa UK

The system consists of

  • 2 x Material Conveying and Hopper Vehicles (MFS+)
  • 3 x Universal Materials Handling Vehicles (UMH)


Using the Materials Handling & Distribution system Rhomberg Sersa Machine Group has the capability to deliver in-line excavation, parallel working, single line and single bore tunnel working, through stations and platforms using a production line approach all supported by a dedicated, experienced and multi-skilled team comprising:

  • Multi-skilled On-Track Machine and On-Track Plant operators
  • Safety-critical staff (SWL1/2)
  • S&C and plain line renewal
  • On-Track Machine and On-Track Plant maintenance staff
  • Full technical support
  • Planning capability cradle to grave


What we can do for you

  • Track Renewals - Excavation, Bottom Stone and Top Stone - Single Line, Tunnels, Platform Terminus/Island Platforms
  • Civils Applications – Backfill Retaining Walls and Safe Cess, Bank Slip Material Delivery
  • Drainage – ballast and Pea Gravel Placement
  • Renewal and Reballast of Plain Line and Switches & Crossings

For further information, please e-mail: enquiries@rsrg.com