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Shaping mobility with sustainability, safety and innovation in mind

Shaping mobility with sustainability, safety and innovation in mind

Our strategic orientation up to 2025

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As a full-service provider in railway engineering, we are the central contact ensuring future-oriented optimisation of rail infrastructure for our customers. Highly skilled, technologically innovative, always curious and with a deeply ingrained appreciation of values – this is our strong foundation. On this basis, together with our partners, we develop sustainable and efficient solutions for the future of mobility.

To remain successful in the medium and long term and to adequately meet the challenges of the markets across borders, both in terms of quality and quantity, we also use the synergies of the group. Furthermore, we develop growth strategies which we will utilise to further strengthen and develop our position as a technology leader in the coming years. These focus on four important core areas: customer/markets, sustainable corporate development, technological investment and development as well as personnel development.

Learn more in our expert interview with our CEO Thomas Bachhofner. We’ve divided this interview into three parts due to its length.

Strategy 2025: well positioned for future competition

We focus our strategic development on four core areas: our customers, corporate development, technological development and personnel development. In highly dynamic markets, the aim has to be to retain market share and continue to grow at the same time. This is where group synergies play their part with respect to global investment, utilising capacities and pushing developments for the benefit of the individual markets.

Thomas Bachhofner 1
Employees in focus: working together to drive innovation and develop ideas

One of the biggest challenges we’re facing is having to deal with the lack of skilled workers. That is why we have a clear focus on employees. Our goal is to support them in their challenging tasks and give them the necessary space to make decisions and act responsibly. Increased automation and the latest machine technology have also made this possible.

Thomas Bachhofner 2
Sustainable corporate development: creating a basis for the solutions of tomorrow, today

Sustainability is a very broad topic: Energy resources, machine resources, personnel resources – these are all the topics that we have to deal with. We reinvest a sizeable portion of our economic success into future solutions and new technologies. This makes us a strong partner when it comes to finding the right solution for complex projects.

Thomas Bachhofner 3
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