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RSUK Machine Group – Stanley Joiners Shop

RSUK Machine Group – Stanley Joiners Shop

The RSUK Machine Group recently completed a series of weekends at Stanley Joiners Shop worksite in Perth for the Rail Systems Alliance Scotland.

This consisted of approximately 800 yards of drainage completed over four 10 Hr possessions utilising the UMH (Universal Material Handler) to deliver both Pipe bedding material and ballast infill fed from standard MFS wagons. The use of the UMH bottom belts allowed for precise distribution of materials into the excavation allowing for the full planned yardage to be completed on each weekend, proving the versatility and speed in which the UMH can operate. Alongside this versatility the use of the UMH eliminates the need for extra operatives in and around the excavation improving on safety and reducing risk onsite.

RhomRhomberg Sersa Stanley Joiners Shop