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Wolverhampton College’s Rail Training Centre

Wolverhampton College’s Rail Training Centre

The Rhomberg Sersa UK team has teamed up with STRABAG and PORR Group and attended the opening of Wolverhampton College’s new Rail Training Centre.

We were able to demonstrate how our Slab Installation Gantry is used to install the PORR STA slab panels, this gantry will remain at the Wolverhampton facility and be used to train people to build the railways of the future using slab track.

Rhomberg Sersa are excited to be part of this collaborative approach to training the rail engineers of the future, helping to close the skills gap in the industry, as it prepares for the investment in future projects throughout the country, including high speed rail.

The College states: “The facility is also the first in the UK to offer training on slab track technology which is used in the construction of high-speed rail lines like HS2.” The courses will help local communities to educate, train and support students, to gain employment in the rail industry.