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New Bailey Street, Manchester

New Bailey Street

Developing and installation a low height, low weight slab solution for New Bailey Street bridge deck/track replacement.

New Bailey Street

San 58 & 59 Bridge Deck Refurbishment


Network Rail - Northern Hub Programme

Location: Manchester, UK
Construction period:

06/2017 – 06/2017

Executing companies:

Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH, Rhomberg Sersa UK Ltd

Contract value:



As a part of the Northern Hub Project (BAM Skanska - Amey Sersa - Northern S+C Alliance), Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group were contracted to develop a low height, low weight slab solution for New Bailey Street bridge deck/track replacement.

The Rhomberg Sersa team developed a variant of our IVES Slab Track Plinth System. Due to the design requirements of the new bridge, a completely new method of fixing was developed which also allows for plinth removal/replacement in the future. Each plinth unit has four specially designed spindles and anchors to ‪secure it that sit within core-drilled apertures in the bridge deck. Each aperture was precisely located to match the plinth geometry. Once positioned, the plinths are then lifted to height using the spindles, shuttered, and a high specification grout poured through the plinths to fill the voids under them and sorround the spindles and anchors. The design allows for fast and effective removal/replacement of any single plinth if ever required.

The Vossloh DFF304 baseplates and rail are then placed onto the plinths and lifted/aligned using the Rhomberg RhoFAS slab alignment system which also holds gauge and rail inclination. Once the rail is to its final design position (+/- 1mm accuracy), grout is poured to stabilise and fix the baseplates. In addition the Rhomberg V-TRAS was fitted at the end of the structure to create the ballast to slab transition.

A cost effective solution for future refurbishment of old slab track or Waybeam bridges!