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North West Transport Hub

Full remodel of the track layout and new platforms

Track Construction and Renewals

Revitalise the decommissioned Grade B listed Victorian railway building including a full remodel of the track layout and new platforms to allow increased capacity and passing provision, this combined this with a new park and ride giving Londonderry a new multi-model hub.




Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Construction period:

06/2018 - 12/2019

Executing companies:

Rhomberg Sersa UK and Farrans

Contract value:

£19 million


Logistics played a huge part in the planning process of this project as usual track renewals techniques could not be used as the client does not have renewal trains and limited numbers of OTP, the site had only 1 available access due to riverbanks and land levels, this access was to be used by Rhomberg Sersa undertaking the rail works and our JV Partner undertaking the civil and building works.

  • 1.8KM of plain line renewals - 300mm Excavation
  • Over 7500m3 of spoil excavation
  • Over 800m3 of new ballast
  • 4no DV Switches (2 Turnouts & 1 Cross over)
  • 1 No BV Trap
  • 900m of Drainage, Safe Cess Walkway & cable troughing.

All plain line renewals completed in series of 7 hour nights keeping the existing railway operational, 2 DV turnouts installed in 11 hour possessions by road crane, 2 DV turnouts (Crossover) installed in 54 hours as required to be built in situ due to having limited space available.