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Queen Street - Slab Track

Queen Street Tunnel, Glasgow

Slab track system, 2 V-TRAS transition units, 320 STA panels, 700 LVT blocks, S&C installation

Queen Street Tunnel

Slab Track Renewal


Babcock International Group

Location: Glasgow, UK
Construction period:

04/2016 – 07/2016

Executing companies:

Rhomberg Sersa UK
Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH

Contract value:

£6 million

Design and Build of 2.2 km linier high specification modular slab track system including a high vibration attenuation S&C system in Queen Street tunnel GRIP 3-8 (Design and Build) of the plan line track system including S&C, consisting of circa 2000 m (1000m twin track) of slab track PORR STA, 200m of traditional ballast track system, including 2No V-TRAS slab to ballast transitions to replace the existing traditional ballast track system, providing higher fixity and increased clearances for electrification.

We undertook the 3D survey, optioneering, outline and detailed design of the track system and the construction included the full track system installation. The site was complex within a tunnel environment containing S&C including formation treatment and RC Slab.