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Winchburgh - Slab Track

Winchburgh Tunnel, Tunnel Refurbishment - Slab Track

490m Porr slab track and Rhomberg V-Tras-system as transition to the ballast track

Winchburgh Tunnel

Tunnel Refurbishment - Slab Track


Babcock International Group


Winchburgh, UK

Construction period:

06/2015 – 07/2015

Executing Company:

Rhomberg Sersa UK
Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH

Contract value:

£2.7 million

The Winchburgh tunnel refurbishment is part of the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP). It´s task is to improve the most frequented railway connection in Scotland by connection in Scotland by enhancing speed and capacity and providing electrification.

Therefore the 490 m long double track Winchburgh tunnel was equipped with the Porr slab track and Rhomberg V-TRAS system as transition to the ballast track. Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH and Rhomberg Sersa UK undertook the works from June 16th to July 19th 2015.

The Winchburgh tunnel is the ‪second tunnel in the UK in which the Porr/V-TRAS system has been installed successfully. A special challenge to this project was the reduced construction time as well as complex logistics. This raises special demands on the flexible management.